Fatigue Consequences

Trevor Deakin was killed in a single-vehicle accident when driving home from work. This video shows the impact his decision to drive fatigued made on his family when they recieved the call that he would not be coming home. This video is a reminder that fatigue needs to be managed, with appropriate rests being taken […]

321 Green Reflector

The use of “3-2-1 Green Reflectors” is to provide enhanced safety for heavy vehicle drivers using informal heavy vehicle stopping places. Informal stopping places, or rest areas, are not formally provided or maintained by The Department of Transport and Main Roads, but show obvious signs of use by heavy vehicles. The intent is to provide […]


Many in the community were touched by the award-winning Ripple Effect productions. “Consequences” lifts the message to a new level, examining the consequences to everyone involved in traffic crashes. This video tells the story of a drunk driver who veered onto the wrong side of the road, crashing head on into a car and killing […]

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