321 Green Reflector

The use of “3-2-1 Green Reflectors” is to provide enhanced safety for heavy vehicle drivers using informal heavy vehicle stopping places.

Informal stopping places, or rest areas, are not formally provided or maintained by The Department of Transport and Main Roads, but show obvious signs of use by heavy vehicles. The intent is to provide drivers of heavy vehicles wishing to use these informal sites with ample warning to avoid braking manoeuvres that are dangerous to themselves or other vehicles in the traffic stream. This is particularly important at night.

The system of marking sites is as follows:

  • Three green reflectors mounted on a guide post at a minimum of 500 metres.
  • Two green reflectors at a minimum of 250 metres.
  • One green reflector on the guide post immediately before the stopping place.

The Road Accident Action Group Inc [RAAG] in 2014 were successful in obtaining a Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads Community Road Safety grant enabling the audit of over 3000 kilometres of Bowen Basin Highways, Development and arterial roads for 3-2-1 Green Reflector Informal stopping places.

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