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RAAG has facilitated and managed numerous educational and awareness campaigns over the years. Current ongoing campaigns include our Wide Load Education, Work Out Visibly, and the Road Safety Education Program. In addition to these projects, RAAG works with its stakeholders to identify other ongoing issues that can be addressed through advocacy and awareness raising. All RAAG activities align with our mission, strategic management plan and action plan.

Volunteer Details
Emergancy Contact
Medical Conditions Do you have any medical conditions, past injuries or allergies that may affect your ability to do certain types of activities or be affected by certain types of activities?
If yes, please describe any restrictions on the pre-existing medical condition / previous injury form attached and discuss with the supervisor.

Conditions of volunteering with RAAG:

  1. have notified RAAG of any relevant medical conditions and pre-existing injuries, and I consent to RAAG rendering or authorising such medical treatment as necessary and accept responsibility for all associated expenses.
  2. I am participating as a volunteer and not an employee of RAAG.
  3. I will not consume or store alcohol or illicit drugs while volunteering with RAAG.
  4. I shall respect the rights, feelings and property of all others associated with my voluntary activity.
  5. I shall cooperate with RAAG staff & volunteers to ensure a safe, happy and hygienic team environment.
  6. My placement as a RAAG volunteer is at the discretion of RAAG.
  7. Photographs or videos taken of me as a volunteer may be used by RAAG for promotional purposes.

If you prefer you can download the pdf form, fill in and email it back to us or read more on what volunteer roles are available.

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