RAAG has facilitated and managed numerous educational and awareness campaigns over the years. Current ongoing campaigns include our Wide Load Education, Work Out Visibly, and the Road Safety Education Program. In addition to these projects, RAAG works with its stakeholders to identify other ongoing issues that can be addressed through advocacy and awareness raising. All RAAG activities align with our mission, strategic management plan and action plan.

Note:  the Queensland Road Safety Awards presented annually from 2000-2009 to recognise excellence in road safety programs implemented through community, school, industry, business and state and local government initiative.  Awards were presented again in 2011 and every second year thereafter.

Commended 2008 Queensland Road Safety Awards

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect DVD was produced for educational purposes by RAAG, Channel 7 Mackay, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and Xstrata Coal.

Winner 2007 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Central Queensland Road Safety Strategy – Mining Industry Road Safety Alliance / Road Accident Action Group.

An education and awareness strategy with targeted relevant monthly key messaging on topics focused around the major risks associated with driving the highways across the Bowen Basin.  Examples include open road driving, fatigue, over-taking, speed, securing load and sharing the highway with wide loads.  The strategy educating mine employees and the wider community.

Winner 2006 Queensland Road Safety Awards

 The Premier’s Award – Road Safety and Fatigue Awareness Program

L-R Dave Russo, QFRS, Jenny Hocken, TMR, Dawn Deakin and Noel Lang

RAAG’s Road Safety and Fatigue Awareness program addresses incidents through fatigued drivers associated with the mining industry in Central Queensland.  The fatigue management team is dedicated to working with industry and communities to address fatigue related issues.  The team delivers presentations to mining industry workers about risks and consequences of driving when fatigued.  Working with industry has been integral to bringing organisations together to form the “Mining Industry Road Safety Alliance” which provides ongoing support to the fatigue management team’s activities.


Winner 2004 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Young Drivers Community Network

This initiative was developed to encourage young drivers; addressing the over-representation of young drivers involved in accidents on Mackay’s local roads. The initiative aims to break down barriers between young drivers and government authorities while educating young drivers on safe driving practices. A series of events and meetings attended by the youth network, authority group representatives and the community helped to break down communication barriers and develop relationships.

2003 Award Queensland Road Safety Awards

Fatigue Sucks

The Fatigue Sucks Initiative involved Queensland Police and Queensland Transport officers intercepting Central Queensland motorists to provide a lolly pack and fatigue information. A positive initiative targeting a very real road safety issue!

Winner 2014 Australian Road Safety Awards 

Community Awards Program – 33900 Peak Downs Highway Decade of Action

L-R Graeme Ransley, Cr Chris Bonanno, Mick Doohan, Brett Hoskin, Carol Single and Ian Single.
27th November 2014.  Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast

Finalist 2013 Qld Trucking Association (QTA) Awards

Industry Safety

The QTA Ltd Industry Awards are a prestigious event for the road transport industry in Queensland.
19th October 2013

Winner 2013 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Industry & Business Award – Waverly Creek Rest Area Initiative (truckie reviver survey)

22nd October 2013.

RAAG Inc was recognised for extensive community, industry and government collaboration to establish a state of the art heavy vehicle rest area at Waverley Creek, and continued efforts to campaign for better fatigue management on Queensland’s roads.

Highly recognised 2013 3M/Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) Awards

7 November 2013.  Adelaide

ACRS National President Mr Lauchlan McIntosh said the calibre of this year’s entries was exceptional.  “This again demonstrates the valuable contribution that many road safety projects are making to reducing unnecessary deaths and injuries from road crashes.”

Finalist 2011 Australian Road Safety Awards (inaugural Australian Road Safety Awards) 

Innovation Award

23rd November 2011.  Sydney

“As well as formally recognising stakeholders’ commitment to improving road safety outcomes, we hope the Awards will encourage new standards of excellence in the road safety industry and in turn, will act as a catalyst to increase road safety activities across the nation,” explained FFFRSF Chairman Russell White. “… we acknowledged nine winners from a field of 35 finalists, representing a broad spectrum of community organisations, government, industry and individuals. The significant number of entries and finalists reinforces that many organisations are making vital contributions towards improving road safety nationally”.

Winner 2011 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Recognition and Achievement Award – For ongoing work in road safety

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Graeme Ransley, RAAG

14th October, 2011

Winner 2017 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Community Award – Susie Whitehead Memorial Rest Area (Nebo)

L-R Mike Keating, Road Policing Command, Noel Lang, RAAG and Dennis Walsh, General Manager DTMR (Land Transport Safety)

23rd August 2017, Bargara.

RAAG Inc worked tirelessly to complete the Susie Whitehead Memorial Rest Area to reduce fatigue related road incidents on the Peak Downs Highway.  The project provides aesthetically pleasing shade shelters, upgrades to existing and new facilities, completing a three-year project of upgrading the Nebo Heavy Vehicle and Motorist Rest Areas.

Winner 2015 Queensland Road Safety Awards

Innovation Award – Heavy Vehicle Camera Decals Project.

Erratic driving and associated high-risk driving behaviours account for a significant number of near-misses and fatal incidents along Queensland’s highways. Commercial heavy vehicle drivers witness, and are sometimes crash victims, because of other drivers’ unsafe overtaking, speeding and poor judgement.  RAAG Inc in collaboration with local Queensland trucking companies researched deterrents to halt motorists performing high-risk driving manoeuvres. Together with aligned road safety organisations and authorities, RAAG have set in motion an ever-increasing display of “recording camera” decals on the back of heavy vehicles. The decals act as a safety message, and warning to inconsiderate or impatient drivers who may be considering undertaking an unsafe driving action.

Winner 2015 Mackay Regional Council Australia Day Awards

Community Group of the Year

26th January 2015, Mackay.

RAAG Inc was recognised at Mackay Regional Council’s Australia Day Awards for Community Group Award; which recognises an organisation, group or sporting association for its outstanding contribution and dedication towards improving, promoting and/or protecting lives of residents in the Mackay Regionals council area.

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