Fatigue Consequences

Trevor Deakin was killed in a single-vehicle accident when driving home from work. This video shows the impact his decision to drive fatigued made on his family when they recieved the call that he would not be coming home.

This video is a reminder that fatigue needs to be managed, with appropriate rests being taken or the decision to not drive at all. While pushing through fatigue to get home sooner may seem the preferred option, for your family’s sake, please consider the potential consequences.

Fatigue Danger Periods:

  • 2 – 4pm (siesta time) you are TWICE as likely to have a fatigue related incident.
  • Midnight – 6am – (sleep time) – you are SIX times more likely to have a fatigue related incident.

A ten minute nap is sufficent to keep you alert for the next hour.

Please share this video to remind people to not drive fatigued.