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Road Accident Action Group

RAAG is a volunteer-run Non-Profit organisation with a focused strategic goal to reduce road incidents and fatalities in the Mackay Isaac and Bowen Basin Regions. Operating for the past twenty-one years, RAAG has completed many successful projects and programs. Our Road Safety Education Program and various education and awareness campaigns can be found on our website and are promoted through the local community. The work we do is vitally important to the health and safety of our community. Our goal is to continue to advocate for a safe road culture in the Mackay and Bowen Basin regions and beyond.

More About Our Stakeholders

Regular attendees to our meetings include representatives from Qld Police (QPS), Dept. of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Mackay and Isaac Regional Council, Senior Inspector Dept. Workplace Health Safety Qld, major mining, and transport company’s management. RAAG also has regular contact with members of parliament both state and federal and like-minded organisations, e.g., motorcycle training, caravan clubs, cycling, media partners.

25 fatal crashes, 512 injury crashes, 266 non-injury crashes

Breakdown of crashes in our regions:

Whitsunday Regional Council Area

  1. 5 fatal crashes
  2. 100 injury crashes
  3. 43 non-injury crashes

Mackay Regional Council Area

  • 11 fatal crashes
  • 280 injury crashes
  • 154 non-injury crashes

Isaac Regional Council area:

  • 5 fatal crashes
  • 62 injury crashes
  • 37 non-injury crashes

Central Highlands Regional Council Area

  • 4 fatal crashes
  • 70 injury crashes
  • 32 non-injury crashes

Reducing Road Crash Trauma.

The cumulative effects of road crash trauma sadly affect more than just the lives of those lost, effects ripple through families, friends and our communities, neighbourhoods, and workplaces.

Vehicle crashes are a serious issue in our region, with many people injured or killed each year as a result. Last year in the combined Whitsunday Region & Greater Council Areas we saw:

RAAG has worked hard to address this problem by raising awareness of safe driving practices, promoting road safety education, and advocating for improved infrastructure and policies to make our roads safer for all.

From a monetary cost perspective, Road Crash Trauma costs the broader Australian economy upward of +$22.2 billion (2015), with an average cost of +$4.34 million per road fatality and per road injury hospitalisations costing on average +$239,000.00 (2017).

Some reports even suggest upwards of $70 million is spent daily on-road crashes and associated broader effects, ranging from investigations, family incomes, and psychological treatment for frontline emergency workers assisting at the various scenes.

Partnering with RAAG helps us continue to create and deliver meaningful road safety projects and campaigns. This is an opportunity to be part of the solution to making Central Queensland roads safer for all. Partnering for a three to five-year commitment helps to ensure the sustainability of RAAG and continuity of our programs.

RAAG is also open to further discussion regarding building a partnership that aligns with your organisational goals and requirements. This proposal is a starting point for such a discussion, and we are confident we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

This includes finding opportunities to work together on specific projects you are interested in supporting.

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