Why do we need a road safety group in Mackay, Isaac & Bowen Basin Regions?

The Mackay, Isaac and Bowen Basin regions have one of the highest number DIDO workers, coupled with an extensive highway network. Our roads are busier than ever, with tourism also increasing leading to a high number of road crashes, especially compared to non-regional areas. We are passionate about reducing the road toll and ensuring everyone reaches home safely.

Through advocating for better roads, educating drivers and road users on how to drive safely and the specific issues faced on our regional roads. We do this through providing resources that can be shared throughout the community to help educate on safe road behaviour. These can be viewed here and are free for use: View Resource

Raise awareness through sharing RAAG (and other road safety) resources, advocate for better road infrastructure, support and participate in community programs promoting safe driving, and set a positive example by following road safety rules. If you would like to be more involved, please check out our ‘Get involved’ 

Contact local authorities or transportation agencies to report potholes, damaged signs, or other hazards. Many places have online platforms or hotlines for reporting road safety concerns. Contact information for many of these agencies are supplied on the website. Get Assistance

Call emergency services immediately. If it’s safe to do so, provide first aid or comfort to those involved. Avoid moving injured persons unless there’s an immediate danger (e.g., fire). Get Assistance



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