Road Safety Messaging

RAAG regularly creates road safety messaging, with the assistance of the Queensland Police Service, to remind people of the need to remain alert and aware when driving on our roads. These messages are free to share among your networks.

Christmas 2023

During the school holidays in 2023, RAAG ran multiple radio and social media ads, encouraging safe driving over the Christmas period. You can view and listen to the ads below, and please share these important road safety messages.

Christmas 2023 Facebook Message 1

Don’t become a statistic.

There have been 20 fatalities on our Mackay region roads this year. Over 80% of these fatal road crashes are linked to the Fatal 5.

Don’t be the reason for an empty seat at anyone’s’ Christmas table. Make these holidays memorable for the right reasons and have 0 road fatalities in our region.

Make the right decision so you don’t severely impact the life of someone you love, or severely impact the life of someone else.

Christmas 2023 Facebook Message 2

Having to deliver devastating news of the loss of a loved one is what the police and Sergeant Michael Hollett spend far too much time doing.

Make the right choice this Christmas on the road.

Don’t let your decision impact the life of someone you love, or someone else. That choice is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind the fatal 5️⃣

1️⃣ Distraction

2️⃣ Fatigue

3️⃣ Speed

4️⃣ Drunk/drug Driving

5️⃣ Seatbelts

The radio ads can be listened to here:

These messages are possible thanks to the help of QLD Country Bank.