Lights on and Live

The Lights on and Live campaign, an initiative of the Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) was funded by Arrow Energy through the Brighter Futures community investment program. This campaign aired on television and radio in Mackay and Moranbah in February 2016. The ads encourage drivers to turn on their headlights during the day to become more visible to other road users.  Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are being fitted as standard to many new vehicles.

Research has shown that driving with lights on during the day reduces crashes. Arrow is particularly supportive of this program especially given the number of road accidents on the Peak Downs Highway, between Moranbah and Mackay.

International research says that putting your lights on during the day will make you between 15% and 17% safer on the road. Not only do headlights improve visibility but it has also been shown to reduce dangerous overtaking by oncoming traffic. In other  jurisdictions vehicle manufacturers have already embraced the daytime lights concept, and in several countries it has been made mandatory.

Please share the below video, encouraging people to turn their lights on during the day.

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